Product Tag - Dirt Defender

  • Dirt Defender – AIr Cleaner Top

    Dirt Defender 14″ Air Cleaner Top shape gives improved flow into the carburetor.  It also provides a better seal around the edge to the air cleaner.  Made in USA.

  • Dirt Defender – Wheel Cover

    New & Improved for better durability!  This design allows you to interchange the cover between beadlock and non-beadlock wheels.  No more digging through a pile of covers to find the right one!   Simply keep an extra Dirt Defender cover as a spare and use it on either wheel if needed.   These covers will fit most all wheels including Aero, Bart, Bassett, MRW, Keiser, Weld, and Real wheels to name a few.   Made in the USA. 

    Non-beadlock wheel require the Dirt Defender wheel cover ring (sold separately)

  • Hood Scoop, Air Cleaner (Dirt Defender)

    Dirt Defender 3.5″ hood scoop has been designed with elements of both aerodynamics, as well as down force, making this product not only great looking but also functional.  Made in USA.