• Dirt Defender – AIr Cleaner Top

    Dirt Defender 14″ Air Cleaner Top shape gives improved flow into the carburetor.  It also provides a better seal around the edge to the air cleaner.  Made in USA.

  • LT1 Performance Exhaust Manifold Adapters

    These adapters allow you to bolt the LT1 style cast exhaust manifolds to any standard GM head. They provide consistent clamping force on the exhaust gaskets, space the exhaust manifold away from the valve cover and are profiled from square shaped port on the head to the d shaped port on the manifold allowing for a smooth transition and increased flow.

  • Medieval Midplates – Modified

    Used for a Chevy motor in Medieval Chassis Modifieds. (Sold as a pair)

  • Medieval Motor Lift Plate

    The motor lift plate bolts onto 2 BBI or 4 BBI manifolds and allows the engine to be lifted.  Larger middle holes allow chain hooks to slip through.  Integrated hooks allow use of longer chains without “bolting”.  Four mounting holes to thread bolts into when not in use. 

    This lift plate provides a stable and easy lifting point and creates a seal over the intake for safe storage.  Made from heavy gauge steel and Powdercoated black.

  • Medieval Motor Mount – Front

    These bolt-on side motor mounts are designed for Chevy small block.  

    They feature an integrated ground strap hole. 

    They are made from 1/4″ steel plate, that is powder coated black.

    These motor mounts stick out 3″ from the upper motor mount bolt holes on the block.

    The center of the slot is 2″ from the upper motor mount bolt holes on the block.

  • Mid Mount – Chevy Engine

    Used for a Chevy motor in Medieval Chassis Stock Cars. Also can be used in other brand chassis. (Sold as a pair)

  • Turn Down – 7inch 45 degree

    Turn down – 7inch 45 degree