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Medieval Chassis by DeVilbiss Stock Cars

Medieval Chassis / Medieval Metalwerx of Mankato, Minnesota is excited to announce our collaboration with DeVilbiss Motorsports based out of Farmington, New Mexico.  

With the strong reputation of superior quality cars and technical support of Medieval & DeVilbiss we are proud to reveal Medieval by DeVilbiss Stock Cars.  These Stock Cars will be Team Medieval cars with a DeVilbiss twist.  

These Stock Cars will be fully produced at the Medieval Chassis Facility, maintaining the same quality and consistency that is our signature.  Customers will benefit from the localized technical support DeVilbiss Motorsports will provide.

DeVilbiss Motorsports will be an Exclusive Service Center in the SouthWest for all Medieval Chassis’ and be able to supply Medieval specific replacement parts.

As an additional part of this collaboration, Medieval Chassis will be the Exclusive distributor and service repair center for DeVilbiss XD Modifieds in the North.   Medieval can service, update, repair and supply DeVilbiss specific parts such as, bumpers, rub rails, brackets, etc.


Jesse Olson                                                      Zane DeVilbiss

Medieval Chassis                                            DeVilbiss Motorsports

507-386-3930                                                  505-402-4505

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