Product Tag - WASHER

  • Bushing Washer – Rear Trailing Arms

    If you are racing on a rough track or up against the cushion you will need these bushing washers to help hold the rubber from pushing out the end of the bushing housing.


    Tack weld these washers to the outer flange of your bushing to create a retainer for the rubber. 


    SOLD as a PAIR

  • Bushing, “PULL” with Washer (Trailing Arms)

    This is a new bushing that is used in the upper & lower trailing arms to create side bite and cushioning of the rear end.

    Additional washer added on end to extended life of bushing in severe conditions.

    Sold individually

  • Washer, Axle

    Stop spending big money on rubber seals and sleeves to stop rear end grease from being pulled into the RH rear end tube. Sold as pair.