Shock Repair



Medieval Chassis Shock Services

*We offer rebuilding and repairing of most all major brand shocks*

Medieval Shock Rebuild – $95

  • Includes disassembly, complete cleaning, inspect, replacement of worn components, bleed with new shock suspension fluid and set gas pressure.
  • We recommend components have rebuild services done every 10 races or if any oil is present on the shaft.
  • All major brands are serviced, and also built into our “Maximum” shocks.
  • All rebuilt shocks are 100% dyno tested and serialized before being shipped out.


Medieval Shock Dyno Service – $20

  • Don’t know what you have for a shock when all it says is “RF Slick” or “LR Base”?……
  • Using our state of the art Intercomp shock dyno we can provide you a full report of what exact valving is in your shock.
  • Included with the dyno service is a printed graph report and analysis on the condition of the shock.
  • Use our dyno service to create a baseline on your shock program
  • If it is determined that the shock needs to be rebuilt and you have us do the work, the initial dyno service is free!
  • Use this dyno service to create a baseline on your shock program, allowing you to make the correct future shock changes.