Bolt On, Trailing Arm Bracket Kit – HEAVY, Slotted LR ONLY (MAXIMUM)


Bolt On, Trailing Arm Bracket Kit – HEAVY, Slotted (LR Only)

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Split trailing arm bracket design to allow installing without removing hubs onto 3” axle tube.

Designed for stock cars with a 7.5″ max trailing arm length. LR slot position is at 6.875” from axle tube. 

These trailing arm brackets use common offset slugs (sold separately) to allow you to change the amount of lead or trail in the rear end. Simply replace the slug with different combination of offset slugs. Tack weld the slugs to secure them to the trailing arm. 

The LR bracket is also built heavy, weighs 7.5lbs (with slugs) to help increase LR rear end weight.

Will increase drive and adjustability.


(Slugs sold separately) 

**Trailing arm bracket MUST be welded to rear end housing to keep from rotating**

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